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What if your customers could be transported into their dream home from 500 miles away?

With Galago, it’s now possible. Using brand new technology, the first fully immersive 360° video tour experience allows prospective buyers from all over the world to explore any property in its entirety. San Diego 360° Virtual Reality VR video package’s advanced features enable viewers to take complete control of their tour and navigate in all directions.

Flexible packages allow you to customize your 360 video options to show your prospective buyers more, with unique extras such as VR hotspots that add new depths of realism.

Our professional service enables you to offer a whole new viewing experience that gives you the edge over standard videography. Galago’s fully interactive 360° VR videos provide added value to any marketing project and websites across any industry.

Give your clients the power of 360° vision.

What is next?

Contact-UsThe process is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out our contact form and we will be in touch to gather information and arrange a shoot date.

On the day of your shoot, we’ll do some fine-tuning to maximize light and address any shadowing. After carefully planning the best way to capture the finer elements, we’ll carry out as many takes as required of filming to make sure the portrayal is absolutely perfect. Time required depends on the size and complexity of the 360° VR video.

Post-production- we’ll create your 360° Virtual Reality video ready for the world to see. Once uploaded to our servers, special links are created. You will receive a link via email for you to instantly view and share.

It’s that simple.