Shamir Augmented Reality

Galago Vision has finished stage 1 and stage 2 of Shamir’s AI based Augmented Reality app for both iOS and Android. The first AR experience introduces Shamir’s brand new product Autograph Intelligence. Next is a custom eye glass creation element allowing you to create your perfect lenses by changing things like frame type, color lenses, and Material coating all in Augmented Reality. You can the share your experience, or find your local store. The app also includes the previously created VR experiences, information about Shamir products, instructions and more. Stage 3 of this Augmented Reality app to include an artificial intelligence helper to teach users about these products and more through a voice activated interactive AR experience.

Shamir’s Augmented Reality app helps users visually experience and understand the different product offerings with various prescription lens solutions. Starting with the newly released Shamir Autograph Intelligence, the purpose of the application is to provide a general understanding of different lens solutions for eye care practitioners and consumers. Shamir offers product information, advice and recommended products.